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Cleaning & pressing your comic books can help remove unwanted defects such as bends, creases, and dents! Cleaning and pressing your comic can also improve the overall grade of your comic book!

Pressing: can remove mirror flaws or defects such as dents, bends, rippling due to moisture, non-color break stress. Spine rolls. Pressing uses heat, pressure, and humidification when it is beneficial to the book to remove these issues.

We will press your comic to improve the comic , if you have paid for pressing and we consider it not feasible we will refund your money and not press the comic


Dry Cleaning



Dry cleaning methods will be used to clean the, mainly, white areas of the comic – no water or liquids will be used.

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The Pressing and Cleaning can be done before CGC Submission


Just email us and we can give

you a overall price


Prices :  

Press your Comic and return to you insured


Value of the Comic up to £100     cost £20

Value of the Comic £100 - £1000 cost £35


add £20 per comic for cleaning


Comics over £1000 in value please contact us first by email .


Before you send any comics please email us at [email protected]

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